Amel Group today announced management and strategic organizational changes related to all of its divisions, in particular, Amel Defense.

Following a successful reorganization of the company’s ownership earlier this year, the company is renewing its focus towards the international markets. Amel Group appreciate the consistent demand for technological breakthroughs in the simulation and training industry. We want to ensure that we are ready and available to provide comprehensive and leading edge services to our traditional Middle Eastern markets.

Since 2001, Amel Group (formerly known as Amel Corporation), has designed and developed turnkey training solutions to a number of valued defence customers. In February 2013, the Company invested a large percentage of its capital and resources towards Research and Development, mainly focused on Full-Mission Tactical Team Trainers in the areas of Airforce, Navy, and Land Forces.

The Company has made significant strides in its methods of delivery for training by advancing its E-Learning platforms and architectural models.  As a result, we are pleased to offer improved technological capabilities and provide customers with access to the future of online classrooms for simulation-based training.

Today, Amel Group, along with its new international partnerships, has emerged as one of the strongest suppliers of choice for simulation and training solutions globally. The Company now offers a wide selection of customized products and services, some of which the world has never seen. The Company deeply believes in the philosophy that pausing innovation promotes the creativity of its human capital and the capabilities of producing a true and lifelike product for its customers.

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