Putting resources into the prospecting and development of new projects

Amel Group has helped business leaders make better decisions to help them receive real results. We work in close partnership with our clients to form strategies that can best help them rise above the difficulties one encounters with owning a business.

We invest and/or partner with a broad range of industries including healthcare, telecommunications, biotech, manufacturing, and more. From organization management design to performance management tactics, we help businesses thrive and succeed.

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Creating Opportunities to Succeed

We are always open to pursuing various avenues that can further lead to new levels of high ROI.


Amel Group can help you with training, job rotation, job values, manpower evaluation, and re-structuring of your business for a positive and quantifiable outcome.

Capital Investment

We invest in viable businesses with strong expectations on return, and ensure that our success rate remains at a high level while generating earnings that speak for themselves.

Joint Ventures

Amel Group does a wonderful job of managing projects and partnerships in a manner that satisfies all involved entities in order to reach a common goal.

Infrastructure Investments

Our organization is always open to helping various countries further develop their domestic infrastructure through joint cooperation.