Dedicated to finding new solutions to power the world

Amel Group is focused on finding solutions to the world's depleting energy resources. We dedicate ourselves to alternative, sustainable sources of energy that can meet global needs. Amel Group has joined forces with several organizations to explore various possibilities and innovations in renewable energy.

Our company as a whole primarily works at the national scale with government contracts to facilitate the needs of entire economies. We ensure that all projects that we are involved in match our strategic frameworks and designated guidelines. Renewable energy allows countries to grow in a responsible and efficient manner.

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Effective Alternatives to Power Needs

We utilize experience, talent and, most importantly, our cost-effective resources to achieve a significant advantage over other competing companies.

Solar Power

We are experts in creating energy from the sun through the use of photovoltaic systems, which take advantage of the availability of radiated heat.

Waste-to-Energy & Biofuels

Amel Group has the capabilities to generate electricity by harvesting the heat produced from a variety of landfill and waste pollution.

Geothermal Electricity

Our geothermal energy process allows for a reduction in hazardous fossil fuel dependency, which in turn fights against climate change.

Wind Energy

Amel Group prides itself on its ability to provide clean and reliable wind power without consuming or contaminating fresh water supplies.