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Amel Defense has emerged as a successor to Amel Corporation, which has had over 15 years of highly successful training and simulation-based projects. Amel Defense’s expertise goes beyond designing customized simulation products, and also includes turnkey solutions as well as complete training facilities created exclusively for clients.

Key related services include e-learning, architectural design and construction, logistics, and maintenance services to name a few. Amel Defense’s exclusive hardware and software product lines stem from creating tailor made state-of-the-art simulation-based training products and services for air, land, sea and joint forces.

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Simulating Real-time Experiences

Amel Defense prides itself on the development of customized, realistic, highly interactive and immersive simulation environments that are tailored to perfection for each client’s training needs.

Air Force Simulations

Our Engineering Teams have in-depth experience in a wide variety of flight training and maintenance simulators for both commercial and military aircraft.

Armed Forces Simulations

From state-of-the-art Humvee simulators to Virtual Small Arms Trainers, our innovative systems excel in individual, crew, and squad-based training.

Joint Forces Simulations

Our trainers are all equipped with joint integration capabilities. They can be combined with our other trainers to encompass all aspects of defense.