Offering full turnkey solutions for any project

Amel Group designs and builds the most sophisticated infrastructure worldwide by incorporating the latest in design, sustainability, security and green energy technologies. The construction-based division of the Amel Group network has successfully established itself primarily in the Middle East and in other parts of the globe.

Our company gears its focus towards large-scale construction, maintenance, and alteration projects for commercial, government and residential contracting. We offer comprehensive services catered to offering the finest quality designs and construction, without compromising industry requirements or the client’s needs.

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Bring Your Ideas to Life

We continue to work tirelessly to improve and enhance our services, keep up-to-date with industry standards, and preserve our strong market presence within the construction industry.

Architectural Design

Amel Group has created some of the most eye-catching architectural designs the world has ever seen. Our designs are meant to inspire and connect with the people they're made for.


We manage everything from fleets, resource distribution, workforce housing, site support services, operations management and most of all, outlined contract logistics support.


We ensure that our company continues to offer the finest quality designs, estimates, and construction without compromising industry requirements or the client’s needs.

Turnkey Solutions

In conjunction with local contractors, we can provide a complete Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) management service for any new or existing training facilities.