We utilize all our divisions to help meet your needs


Amel Group is very much focused on finding resolutions to the world’s depleting energy resources through projects surrounding renewable energy solutions.


Amel Group prides itself on being able to connect industry leaders in various agricultural trades to supply the demand of a number of economies across the globe.


Amel Group has over 15 years' experience in training and simulation-based projects for our clients that integrate turnkey solutions and complete training facilities.


Amel Group designs and builds the most sophisticated infrastructure worldwide incorporating the latest in design, sustainability, security and green energy technologies.


Amel Group invests/partners with a broad range of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, telecom, family-owned enterprises, technology, innovation, manufacturing and more.

Building an innovative company to service the world

Since 2001, Amel Group has acquired an impressive amount of development projects requiring innovative solutions. A variety of technological ventures have allowed the company to showcase its resources and talents in many different areas of business. They have generated new opportunities all across the globe and have secured a network of strong project builders from all walks of life. 

To date, Amel Group has demonstrated a consistent display of business growth, and continues to prove itself over and over as an organization that will deliver tailored products that go above and beyond the expectations of its clients. 

With proven experience in the fields of telecommunications, construction, defense, agriculture, logistics, and energy, combined with a track record of success in investments, Amel Group is the solution your project needs.



Salah Saleh

CEO & Board Member

The success of Amel Group is largely the outcome of strong leadership, dedication and ingenuity amongst our team of diverse and highly skilled employees, and our ability to grow and evolve alongside trends and shifts in the broader technology sector.

The leadership of Mr. Salah Saleh has opened the doors for the company to become a cutting edge leader in real time experiences across the globe.