Amel Group recently embarked on a major journey to the land of Winnipeg, Manitoba in an attempt to support their neighbouring province.

It was the objective of Amel Group to become more involved in local infrastructure, energy, oil and gas projects. While the trip maintained an exhilarating pace, the company had the honour of meeting with several influential members of the government and other reputable organizations.


Amel Group was given the opportunity to meet with Mr. Stuart Murray, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Museum; Philip S. Lee, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba; Mr. Grant Doak, Deputy Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines; the Honourable Flor Marcelino, Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism; and Diane Gray, President and Chief Exectutive Officer of CentrePort Canada Inc. The meetings were a great success and future developments will surely be in the works. Amel Group is dedicated to expanding their avenues to cover a vast scale of local and international endeavours.

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