Developing long-lasting projects to feed large communities

Amel Group connects with industry leaders from various agricultural trades in order to meet our clients' specific needs. We solve large agricultural concerns  by working closely to provide you with healthy commodities that you can trust and rely on.

We have a specialized network of partners worldwide that create a seamless logistic solution for all types of agricultural products. Amel Group has the solution to supply various crops and livestock which meet the demands of countries around the world.

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Supporting the Nations of the World

We supply our clients with the best commodities the world has to offer. Our experience ensures that we have what it takes to get the job done.


Amel Group has chosen to make it a priority to invest in natural resources such as drinkable water and other fundamental commodities.


We’ve made the necessary partnerships globally to fulfill the many commodity demands required by major economies, including corn, wheat, rice, and more.