We build the necessary infrastructure to allow people to communicate

Amel is a partner in a consortium of world leading companies that rank as the 2nd largest wireless telecommunication entity on the globe. This covers various regions across the world with the strongest presence being in Africa, North America, Asia and European markets.

Our company leads and develops the necessary segments to achieve the most efficient and successful results in this industry. Our secured network of subsidiaries allow us to cover GSM telecommunication markets of all sizes with specific requirements.

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Bringing People Together

 We are creating networks that make communication possible. As a result, Amel Group services over 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Secured Partnerships

Amel Group’s partnerships consist of a powerhouse of entities within the industry from Africa, North America, Asia and the European markets.

Internal Management

Amel applies fundamental internal changes to alter how organizational elements connect with one another for the most optimal resource output.

Human Resource Optimization

Our human workforce programs are put in place to ensure that we optimize the best possible fit for all corporate needs and maximize our final output.

IP & Technical Investments

Large investments are made in providing our entities with the most innovative solutions in the market so we can ensure that our technologies are protected.