Amel Group welcomed Mayor Hazel McCallion at their Defense Headquarters for a presentation of the company’s growth and insight into the direction Amel Group is heading with its ever-expanding endeavours.

It was a rewarding experience for the group to host the first-ever elected Mayor of Mississauga, who continues to lead this city as one of the greatest places in Canada. Mayor McCallion was very pleased to see a business of our magnitude as a representation of industry leadership right in her own city. From growing job opportunities to Amel Foundation giving back to the community, the Mayor and her office valued the commitments Amel Group have made and offered any assistance to the business should it be required.


Amel Group was also grateful to members of the Mississauga Board of Trade, who joined us and were able to experience the variety of industries Amel Group leads worldwide. They kindly offered assistance and undivided support to Amel Group, in addition to acting as a gateway for non for profit organizations who seek resources in the city to contact us.

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