Amel Group recently celebrated the completion of its factory acceptance tests on their biggest simulator created to date.

We celebrated the successful completion and training of the RSNF (Royal Saudi Naval Force) for the Naval Tactical Team Trainer in Jeddah. The ceremony included rewards and acknowledgements by the Amel management team to the RSNF on their hard work and the Amel Defense team for completing the necessary tasks to hand over the simulator in a timely manner.

Amel Group has always and will continue to fulfill its commitments to the quality mandate which has been outlined by their customers. The customers have returned to their base and are now awaiting on-site installation where the Amel Group team will perform on-site testing to ensure that the deliverable product meets the necessary qualifications for the final hand-over. Amel Group is proud of its team for its efforts and could not be happier with the final product. Amel Group recognizes that they could not have completed this task without the full co-operation of its clients from the RSNF.

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