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Amel Group has grown dramatically due to our commitment to these areas.

Specialized Network

We have the right team and expertise to tackle all of our clients’ project needs regardless of size or scope.

Quality Management

Amel Group optimizes the efficiency of all its projects through our great HR and task management skills.

Strategic Planning

All of our projects have been successful due to our ability to plan and execute our objectives effectively.

Client Satisfaction

We complete all projects with the utmost attention to detail and make sure that they meet our clients’ strict guidelines.

Providing Hope to Those in Need

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Making Renewable Energy Available to the World

As a renewable energy company in Canada, Amel Group’s dedicated staff members work hard to show the public the importance of using solar energy in Canada. They also strive to discover innovative sustainable energy solutions.

Amel Group’s energy division is focused on developing sustainable energy solutions that will save the earth’s natural resources from becoming depleted. Every day, our talented team members work towards finding energy options that can be used by people around the world. In order to do this, Amel Group has partnered with a number of other organizations and companies to look into using solar energy in Canada, waste-to-energy technologies, and other innovative concepts.
Being a major renewable energy company in Canada, Amel Group’s main objective is to sign contracts with government agencies to facilitate the needs of entire economies. We always make sure that our projects have appropriate guidelines and regulations in-place prior to officially beginning our work. Access to sustainable energy solutions is a great way for established and developing nations alike to flourish and become more self-sufficient.